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Tires Are Costly, Dirty, and Dangerous

Mining companies spend millions changing rubber tires on their vehicles every 6 to 9 months. In addition to the expense, rubber tires endanger workers and hurt the environment. After learning this, we've set out to revolutionize tires as a whole.

28% of the ocean’s plastic consists of  particles from rubber tires
According to the NHTSA 35% of accidents caused by cars happen due to bad tires
One 13,000 off-the-road (OTR) mining tire can cost over $75,000 and need to be replaced every 6 to 9 months

A Tire innovation with traction

Replacing the rubber tire is hard. Even Elon Musk said so. But we did it. Our eco-friendly wheel is safer, lasts longer, and performs better than a rubber tire.

  • ASWs require minimal maintenance and are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. They’re also 100% recyclable.
  • Higher payload capacity, less maintenance, self-aligning and self-balancing.
  • No overheating, no puncturing, less risk of trucks tilting, and better traction to reduce skidding.

How we eliminated the need for rubber tires

We succeeded where others failed, thanks to the nitrogen-filled cylinders that connect the outer steel drum with the inner hub. Energy is stored in the cylinders during braking and turned back into kinetic energy when rolling. Because of the reduced rolling resistance, the ASW burns less fuel. 


We've made over $3M in sales

One 13,000 lb. OTR mining tire can cost over $75,000, and they typically only last 6 to 9 months. Our Air Suspension Wheel is more affordable, doesn’t shed rubber, and lasts the lifetime of the vehicle. That’s why we have $3M+ in sales so far.

Photo of two GACW Air Suspension Wheel tractors.
$3M+ in revenue so far
$1.5M in license deals
57 issued patents and over 50 patents pending
Three ongoing trials with mining companies
In conversation with +20 global mining firms

Growing Demand for A New Wheel

The global tire market is expected to be worth $280 billion this year. We're starting in the mining market and plan to expand to the military market, automobile market, and beyond.

Military/Armored Vehicles
Medical (wheelchairs)

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Business Model & Roadmap

$3M in Revenue Is Just the Beginning

We have a concrete roadmap to grow our business.

Q1 2024
  • Commence next phase of mining industry testing for ASW technology. In particular, we’re testing important subcomponents of the wheel in a laboratory environment.
  • Continued testing of the truck wheel on a drum test. Test results will allow for the best design before further field testing.
Q2 2024
  • Fabrication and implementation of the upgraded components. The loader wheels will be transported to a local mine for field pre-testing.
Q3 2024
  • Field test with end-user of the loader wheels. 3-months data collection period.
  • Manufacturing of smaller mining and construction vehicle size ASWs, broadening applications. Progress toward ASW introduction to the Department of Defense.
Q4 2024
  • Data analysis, update components and design based on field test results.
  • Upgrading large truck ASW design, implementation, and manufacturing.
Q1 2025
  • Commercial release of first loader and truck ASW.
  • Finishing large truck ASWs for mining.
Q2 2025
  • Field testing of the large mining truck wheel and data collection.
  • Generating revenue.
  • Seek partnerships for integration of ASW technology in trucking and bus segments.


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Dr. Zoltan Kemeny
CEO & President (Board Member)
Zoltan has 44+ years of experience in R&D and engineering, with a remarkable track record of 260+ patents. His vision for GACW was sparked a decade ago when he witnessed a tire dump fire, revealing the environmental hazards associated with rubber tires.
Harmen van Kamp
CMO (Board Member)
With 25+ years of experience in sales and business development across diverse sectors, Harmen brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. His multi-lingual proficiency and deep understanding of global business cultures position us for success on the global stage.
Rodrigo Pinheiro
to be announced as CTO
Rodrigo embodies a problem-solving mindset coupled with a strong foundation in engineering principles. His extensive hands-on experience, combined with leadership and talent development skills, make him a pivotal addition to our team.
Darryl Crowder
A highly skilled and experienced business professional with more than 30 years’ senior management experience in the heavy engineering, maintenance, manufacturing and mining services sector. With significant experience in large scale project management, Darryl has worked in senior executive (c-level) management roles in the public and private sectors both domestically and internationally.
Morten Jensen
Senior Engineer
Morten's 25+ years of experience in mechanical design engineering encompasses a broad spectrum of industries. From conceptual design to quality control, Morten's expertise ensures the ASW's design is impeccable.
MOD Ventures
Fractional CFO
MOD Ventures is a premier outsourced accounting and advisory firm that provides all of our financial services.


Marc Keenan
Non-Executive Director
Co-founder and Chairman of KHS&S, one of the largest design-assist building companies in the world. More than 35 years of experience performing nearly every facet of construction, ranging from field operations supervision to senior executive management. 
Jan Lorant
Non-Executive Director
President and Lead Designer for Gabor Lorant Architects, a firm that has provided architectural and engineering services to federal, state and municipal entities in 38 states and 3 countries throughout its 56-year history. With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Lorant has a thorough understanding of all aspects of design and construction of complex buildings and structures including large industrial facilities, redundant and resilient public safety centers as well as college/university research buildings.


Marc Hellmann
Advisory Board Member
Marc Hellmann is the CEO of HANSA-FLEX South Africa, a division of HANSA-FLEX International, Germany. The group’s business activities span 40 countries worldwide and specialize in Fluid Technology. Marc is a global entrepreneur and businessman currently serving on the Board of Directors of various companies throughout the U.S., Africa, Germany and Australia.
Dr. Avi Wiezel
Advisory Board Member
Avi Wiezel currently serves as the assistant dean at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (Arizona State University) and is an associate professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering. Dr. Wiezel held several managerial positions within construction and engineering firms throughout Europe and the Middle East.


Why invest in startups?

Regulation CF allows investors to invest in startups and early-growth companies. This is different from helping a company raise money on Kickstarter; with Regulation CF Offerings, you aren’t buying products or merchandise - you are buying a piece of a company and helping it grow.

How much can I invest?

Accredited investors can invest as much as they want. But if you are NOT an accredited investor, your investment limit depends on either your annual income or net worth, whichever is greater. If the number is less than $124,000, you can only invest 5% of it. If both are greater than $124,000 then your investment limit is 10%.

How do I calculate my net worth?

To calculate your net worth, just add up all of your assets and subtract all of your liabilities (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). The resulting sum is your net worth.

What are the tax implications of an equity crowdfunding investment?

We cannot give tax advice, and we encourage you to talk with your accountant or tax advisor before making an investment.

Who can invest in a Regulation CF Offering?

Individuals over 18 years of age can invest.

What do I need to know about early-stage investing? Are these investments risky?

There will always be some risk involved when investing in a startup or small business. And the earlier you get in the more risk that is usually present. If a young company goes out of business, your ownership interest could lose all value. You may have limited voting power to direct the company due to dilution over time. You may also have to wait about five to seven years (if ever) for an exit via acquisition, IPO, etc. Because early-stage companies are still in the process of perfecting their products, services, and business model, nothing is guaranteed. That’s why startups should only be part of a more balanced, overall investment portfolio.

When will I get my investment back?

The Common Stock (the "Shares") of Global Air Cylinder Wheels (the "Company") are not publicly-traded. As a result, the shares cannot be easily traded or sold. As an investor in a private company, you typically look to receive a return on your investment under the following scenarios: The Company gets acquired by another company. The Company goes public (makes an initial public offering). In those instances, you receive your pro-rata share of the distributions that occur, in the case of acquisition, or you can sell your shares on an exchange. These are both considered long-term exits, taking approximately 5-10 years (and often longer) to see the possibility for an exit. It can sometimes take years to build companies. Sometimes there will not be any return, as a result of business failure.

Can I sell my shares?

Shares sold via Regulation Crowdfunding offerings have a one-year lockup period before those shares can be sold under certain conditions.

Exceptions to limitations on selling shares during the one-year lockup period:

In the event of death, divorce, or similar circumstances, shares can be transferred to:

  1. The company that issued the securities
  2. An accredited investor
  3. A family member (child, stepchild, grandchild, parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or equivalent, sibling, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law, including adoptive relationships)
What happens if a company does not reach their funding target?

If a company does not reach their minimum funding target, all funds will be returned to the investors after the close of the offering.

 How can I learn more about a company's offering?

All available disclosure information can be found on the offering pages for our Regulation Crowdfunding offering.

What if I change my mind about investing?

You can cancel your investment at any time, for any reason, until 48 hours prior to a closing occurring. If you’ve already funded your investment and your funds are in escrow, your funds will be promptly refunded to you upon cancellation. To submit a request to cancel your investment please email:

How do I keep up with how the company is doing?

At a minimum, the company will be filing with the SEC and posting on it’s website an annual report, along with certified financial statements. Those should be available 120 days after the fiscal year end. If the company meets a reporting exception, or eventually has to file more reported information to the SEC, the reporting described above may end. If these reports end, you may not continually have current financial information about the company.

What relationship does the company have with DealMaker Securities?

Once an offering ends, the company may continue its relationship with DealMaker Securities for additional offerings in the future. DealMaker Securities’ affiliates may also provide ongoing services to the company. There is no guarantee any services will continue after the offering ends.

What’s your share price?


What is the minimum investment size?

The minimum investment size for this current round is $1,031

What kind of shares are you issuing?

Non voting common shares

How much are you raising?

$ 5,000,000

What is the current valuation of the company?

~USD 53,000,000 pre-money

How do you plan to use the proceeds from this funding round?

R&D and trials, IP portfolio, Insurance, Payroll, Operations, Marketing, Travel, G&A

How many investors do you have already?

You will be joining over 3,500 investors

What industries are you currently focused on?

Mining and we are looking for the right partners for the over the road or highway application for cars, buses, and trucks

Why Should I Invest?

At the core of this investment appeal is the company's innovative technology – the Air Suspension Wheel (ASW). This revolutionary solution has the potential to disrupt the tire industry, offering a safer, more durable, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional rubber tires. Investors keen on environmental sustainability will find this particularly enticing, as the ASW addresses the pressing problem of tire pollution and the release of microplastics. This commitment to reducing environmental harm aligns with the interests of those passionate about creating a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Moreover, the market potential for the ASW is vast, spanning across various industries, from mining and automotive to general transportation. This opens the door to significant growth opportunities for investors. The ASW's safety enhancements, durability, and energy efficiency further make it a valuable asset for industries where safety and reliability are paramount. With its ability to reduce maintenance costs and offer potential cost savings, the ASW appeals to investors interested in optimizing operational expenses.

The ASW's recyclability aligns with circular economy principles, making it a sustainable and eco-conscious solution. Investors who value patented technology may appreciate the company's robust portfolio, which includes 43 granted patents and over 75 pending patents, representing a formidable barrier to potential competitors. The technology's adaptability to various vehicle types adds to its market reach and application potential.

Notably, the company has received recognition from reputable sources such as Time, Interesting Engineering, Sustainability Magazine, Mining Digital, International Mining, Tire Review, Technology Magazine, Tech Times, Tyre News, further underscoring its growth potential.

How Will GACW Make Money?

There is a huge incentive for mining companies to switch to the ASW. It could save them costs and make their operations safer, and could actually turn into a capital asset. When you consider how much money is spent on rubber tires in the mining industry - $75,000 per tire - and they only last 6 to 9 months, switching to a solution that, with proper maintenance, could last the lifetime of the vehicle is a no brainer. Plus there are many more applications where this is going to have a similar impact.

How Do I Know People Will Buy This Solution?

They’ve already been testing this with Tier 1 mining companies and continue to attract more interest. The economics, safety, performance, and sustainability of the ASW makes this any easy decision.

Are There More Opportunities Ahead?

They’ve already been testing this with Tier 1 mining companies and continue to attract more interest. The economics, safety, performance, and sustainability of the ASW makes this any easy decision.

Are There More Opportunities Ahead?

They are still building their MVP, so this is a true early stage opportunity. They have a wide open opportunity in the mining industry, plus the potential to expand across all tire vertices, including everything from bicycle tires to heavy truck tires.

Why Didn't A Bigger Company Do This Already?

Bigger companies a.k.a. tire OEMs want to sell more rubber. They pretend to be environmentally aware, however, at the end of the day, they are in the business of selling (more) rubber.

What perks do I get for investing?

- Invest within the first month → 5% Bonus Shares
- Invest within the next month → 2% Bonus Shares
Amount Based
- Invest $2,500+ → 5% Bonus Shares
- Invest $5,000+ → 7% Bonus Shares
- Invest $10,000+ → 9% Bonus Shares
- Invest $25,000+ → 12% Bonus Shares
- Invest $50,000+ → 15% Bonus Shares

How do I get a return on my investment?

A - Investing in startups is risky and there is no guarantee you will get a return on your investment. However, an exit opens up the opportunity where you could convert your shares into cash or a more liquid asset. Exits include going public, getting acquired by a larger company, or our company buying back shares. If the value of our company grows, then you have a higher potential of making a profit on your investment during one of these exits.

B- You are investing in a pre-revenue company. Success will be measured in progress towards revenue. Future liquidation events could include acquisition or an IPO.

How long are you expecting the company to operate before needing another round?

If we are able to raise the full amount it is anticipated that this will allow us to get our product to market. We would expect to need additional capital at that time to market and sell the product.

What is the exit plan for the company?

The plan is to build a successful, valuable company. Exit opportunities like an acquisition or IPO could follow in due course

When will I receive my shares?

Shares will be rewarded after the investment funds clear. This typically takes around 3 weeks after investment.

Are there higher fees if you invest via credit card vs. ACH?

No, costs are the same, regardless of how you invest

Will you be paying out dividends to investors?

Not at this stage, this may change in the future

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